Cryolophosaurus ellioti

Cryolophosaurus ellioti

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Hand painted resin Cryolophosaurus ellioti skull. Digitally sculpted in ZBrush.

Available in 1:6 & 1:8 scale.

Comes with Human skull in the same scale.


1:6 Scale, mouth open: (L)181mm x (W) 66mm x (H) 147mm Weight: 50g

1:6 Scale, mouth  closed: (L)181mm x (W) 66mm x (H) 118mm Weight: 50g

1:8 Scale, mouth open: (L)134mm x (W) 49mm x (H) 108mm Weight: 50g

1:8 Scale, mouth  closed: (L)134mm x (W) 49mm x (H) 86mm Weight: 50g