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Scaled Beast

Cryolophosaurus ellioti

Cryolophosaurus ellioti

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Cryolophosaurus, an Antarctic dinosaur from the Early Jurassic, stands out for its distinctive head crest. This theropod, discovered in 1991, provides crucial insights into dinosaur diversity in polar regions.

Hand painted resin Cryolophosaurus ellioti skull. Digitally sculpted in ZBrush.

Available in 1:6 & 1:8 scale.

Comes with Human skull in the same scale.


1:6 Scale, mouth open: (L)181mm x (W) 66mm x (H) 147mm Weight: 50g

1:6 Scale, mouth  closed: (L)181mm x (W) 66mm x (H) 118mm Weight: 50g

1:8 Scale, mouth open: (L)134mm x (W) 49mm x (H) 108mm Weight: 50g

1:8 Scale, mouth  closed: (L)134mm x (W) 49mm x (H) 86mm Weight: 50g

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