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Scaled Beast

Archaeopteryx lithographica

Archaeopteryx lithographica

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Archaeopteryx was pivotal in understanding the evolution of birds, living about 150 million years ago during the Late Jurassic period. It exhibits both avian and reptilian features, bridging the gap between dinosaurs and modern birds. With its feathered wings, similar to contemporary birds, it also possessed teeth, a long bony tail, and clawed fingers, characteristic of theropod dinosaurs.

This piece is a hand painted resin Archaeopteryx lithographica skull. Digitally sculpted in ZBrush and 3D printed, it employs magnets to link the mandible to the Skull.

Available in  1:1 Scale.

Dimensions: (L) 50mm x (W) 19mm x (H) 37mm Weight: 3g 

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