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Scaled Beast

Megalosaurus bucklandii

Megalosaurus bucklandii

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As we celebrate the 200-year anniversary of its discovery, Megalosaurus, a significant figure in paleontological history, continues to captivate. This Middle Jurassic carnivore, among the earliest dinosaurs known, represents a pivotal milestone in our understanding of prehistoric life. Its legacy endures, shaping our fascination with the ancient world and its inhabitants.

This piece is a hand painted resin Megalosaurus bucklandii. It was sculpted with the assistance of palaeontologist Ethan Storrer. Digitally sculpted in ZBrush and 3D printed, it employs magnets to link the mandible to the skull.

Available in 1:5 & 1:8 scale. Comes with Human skull in the same scale.


1:5 Scale: (L)170mm x (W) 71mm 

1:8 Scale: (L) 106mm x (W) 43mm

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